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Dating Disasters


A woman from South Bend, Indiana fell in love with a man via internet dating. She even sent him money for his bills, traveling expenses, etc. They now don't talk anymore and she is out $150,000 that she gave to him. We're talking disasters dates; online, double, blind.

Slacker says most women think they are going to be that girl, the girl who changes the man. He says the women have the mindset that he will raise their kid’s, he will be the husband, etc. He wonders how many times they are going to have to do a story about those women who gives money to online dates before they realize it’s most likely fake. “Shall we go dutch?” Does that sentence make you happy to hear? A study showed that men hate to hear that question. He said don’t ever talk about an ex!

Steve says he isn’t looking for kids or a wife, he knows that it’s going to come to an end eventually. He says don’t give up your money online, open your eyes! Steve says going dutch is basically saying she is not in this relationship for the money.

What’s your crazy disaster dating story?

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07/31/2014 6:19PM
Dating Disasters
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