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Father's Day is almost here and we want to reminisce. They give us guidance and wisdom, but sometimes things can go wrong.

Slacker said Lil’ D has a weird finger and he wants to throw up when he looks at it. He was allowed to go to the liquor store with a note from his dad. Can you imagine a time when that was allowed? This liquor store let him come in at 12 years old and order a 12 pack and bike it back home.

Steve is laughing hysterically at Slacker making fun of Lil’ D. He says his finger is seriously huge. He only remembers his dad as being perfect. He would let Steve drive his car around town all the time.

Lil’ D has a gimpy finger because of his dad. He was supposed to be watching him and his brother and they ended up messing around. They were playing in a garage and an entire car fell on his finger. It literally exploded from all the pressure of the car. His dad threw some iodine on it and a week later they went to the hospital and there was no bone left in his finger.

What crazy thing happened to you and your dad?

 Intern Nikki

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06/12/2014 6:18PM
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