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A Tulsa man was arrested after maintenance workers found holes in the ceiling over his neighbor's apartment.
They also found a steak knife, pepper spray, woman's panties, a wig, used condoms, porn, and more in the attic.
The female resident told cops items had been disappearing from her apartment, over the past year.
It looks like he'd enter the attic from his apartment, then he cut a hole into the wall so he could crawl over to her attic and sneak down into her apartment.
He admitted to cutting the holes and to stealing her underwear.
He was arrested for burglary and being a peeping tom.
An Ohio woman was shocked when her male boss walked into the second-floor restroom and used the stall right next to her.
She was looking through an opening when she saw him walk in and take the stall next to hers. She verified it was him by checking out his shoes.
He went about his business, then washed his hands, and walked out never saying anything.
She called the cops but there's no word on whether he's in trouble at work.

Slacker tell the story about a woman that was once infatuated by him and she snapped a photo of Slacker and Steve in a bar. She did not talk to them but posted the pic up on facebook as if to say "I saw you today..." SUPER CREEPY!!

Steve shared a story about a celebrity he saw in line at a coffee shop that gave his number to the cashier for his rewards card and a lady in line behind him took down the number and called him later that day. CREEPY!

Have you ever been creeped on? Or Have you ever creeped on someone? What is your worst creep story?

I once a lady approached me in a bar and asked for a picture of me so that she could tattoo it on her body! CREEPY!


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10/16/2013 7:41PM
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