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Crazy Crash Diets

Dropping pounds is never easy, whether you do it the hard way or an easy way.  But because people always want it to be easier, some crazy crash diets have been created.  Here are a few…

The Master Cleanse – Also known as "the lemonade diet," it involves drinking nothing but a lemonade, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for 7 to 10 days. That’s right. No solid food for 10 days. 
The Baby Food Diet – This fad, in which you eat nothing but baby food, is currently popular among Hollywood stars. It’s unknown if they eat the food with those little baby spoons, though. 
Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition Diet – This one involves simply walking around with a tube up your nose for 10 days as a liquid mix of protein, fat and water is fed directly into your stomach. Does that sound like fun, or what? 
The Cotton Ball Diet – The insanely dangerous practice of eating cotton balls has been used by supermodels to stay thin. FYI … Cotton balls are not food.

Slacker is totally outing Steve about his diets.  He says that Steve isn’t disciplined enough to follow these so he should just get a colonic.  But he would probably order a pizza to the appointment anyway.  Steve actually has lost 70 pounds following a “corporate diet” and looks great.  So hopefully he won’t need to try any of these crash diets any time soon.
What crazy diets have you done?
I just read The Master Cleanse online and got hungry.  I think it’s crazy that people do this.  I don’t believe for one second that it is healthy at all.  I could definitely afford to lose some weight but I’d rather do it the gradual healthy way.  Plus it probably stays off better when it’s done gradually.  I’m totally amazed at the discipline it takes to do these crazy diets though!
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02/07/2013 7:25PM
Crazy Crash Diets
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