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Crap You Did To Your Parents


Kids can and will do some pretty crazy stuff to their parents to get what they want.  Two sisters, 15 and 16, in California recently drugged their parents so that they could get on the internet!  The girls offered to pick up milkshakes for their parents from a fast food restaurant and put sleeping pills in them.  The parents drank them and passed out for the night.  The next morning they were suspicious so they took a drug test that they bought and busted their kids. Both girls were taken to juvenile hall once the parents called the police.  The teens told police that they wanted to use the internet but their parents turned it off at 10 pm. We have no idea what the teens were looking at online.

Steve grew up much different than the rest of us it seems… He took money out of his mother’s purse, copied his parent’s car keys to steal the car, knew the combination to his grandparents safe, you name it, he probably did it… Slacker was a “goody-two-shoes.”  He can’t believe that Steve can justify any of the stuff that he did to his parents because Slacker was too scared of his father to ever cross him. 

What crazy stuff have you done to your parents?

I am one of three kids in my family and I just want you all to know that I was and still am an angel  J  Ok, maybe I wasn’t perfect but I was a very well behaved kid in general and compared to my brother and sister.  T & K, I love you guys!

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01/07/2013 6:27PM
Crap You Did To Your Parents
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