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Craigslist Creepiness

Craigslist certainly has evolved from being a resource for casual meet ups… but what exactly has it turned into? Case in point, a man in Florida posted a Craigslist ad asking for help in finding the alligator that ate his prized pig and the necklace it was wearing.

Steve doesn’t really understand Craigslist or its appeal. But Slacker knows his stuff.  He tried to buy a wine fridge once, but upon asking for a picture of the product (the picture in the ad was only from the catalogue) the man refused to send him one and Slacker never heard from him again.  Slacker has also purchased many of his home furnishings from Craigslist.

Whether it’s crazy, funny, or just plain creepy, what’s your Craigslist story?

I’ve only ever searched for apartments on Craigslist and that’s just completely scary in and of itself.  But knowing what I know about this site is that I have to be extremely careful.  In my search however, I never came upon any unreasonably questionable posts.

Stay Classy!
Intern Kirstyn

(photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

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05/08/2013 4:33PM
Craigslist Creepiness
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