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Confronted by a Server

Steve was eating out at a restaurant and saw a server assault her customers and said they deserved it! A confrontation broke out after the server chased down the customers for leaving her two pennies for a tip. Talk about cheap!

Slacker makes fun of Steve for bringing a girl to this restaurant where a couple spends $19.98. He said Steve is very classy. He explains that a server in Mexico chased him out of the bar there. He stopped in this bar and had a couple Coronas. The server claimed that they didn’t have coronas or chips to eat with salsa. At this point Slacker was very mad and didn’t leave the guy a tip. So the server came out of the restaurant and stopped Slacker from getting on his scooter he rented. He doesn’t remember if he gave the guy money or not.

Steve said a bunch of people from the restaurant went out to see the confrontation and said the server threw the pennies at the couple leaving! They ended up not seeing the server the rest of the night.

Have you ever had a confrontation with a server?

I am a server and I am ALWAYS respectful and kind to my tables, even if they’re rude. The only time I ever said anything is when a guy grabbed me inappropriately and I screamed at him. He was thrown out of the restaurant. It was actually very entertaining.
Intern Nikki

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04/07/2014 4:20PM
Confronted by a Server
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