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Commenting on Plastic Surgery


Women love to hear compliments… the new dress they splurged on is super cute, their new trendy haircut frames their face perfectly, and those pants definitely don’t make their butt look big. But how much do women love to hear compliments about that plastic surgery they just had?  Slacker had a recent encounter with a woman who had work done on her lips and when he commented on her new appearance she flipped out and was shocked by his observation.  Now Slacker is confused but has discovered the one thing you should NEVER compliment a woman on… plastic surgery.

Slacker asked what the difference between someone noticing that you spent time and money on a new haircut and someone noticing your new, luscious lips which you obviously spent money on.  He also professed that he is out of the complimenting business because he stands by the fact that he didn’t do anything wrong; he was simply saying something nice about this woman he knew. Steve is on Slacker’s side, but now feels gun-shy when it comes to giving compliments because apparently it’s a touchier subject than they both thought.

Is it okay to compliment someone on the results of their plastic surgery?

I think that this whole subject comes down to one thing… it’s simple… don’t drastically change your appearance and expect to hear nothing about it.  Also, while not not expecting to hear something don’t get offended when you do.  We all know that you were unhappy with some aspect of your physical appearance, probably weren’t receiving the validation and compliments you feel you need, so you changed and- deny it all you want- now you like to hear those positive comments about your new look.  There’s no logic in spending tons of money on something you never want to be talked about- like your visible appearance.  Sure, you may have done it to feel better about yourself, but it certainly doesn’t hurt when the hottie in the cubicle across the room tells you how good your newly taut face looks… surely they will say it with more finesse than that.

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn
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02/06/2013 4:46PM
Commenting on Plastic Surgery
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06/18/2013 4:29PM
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