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Clown Calls


America may be facing a clown shortage. As older clowns are dying, there aren't enough younger clowns joining the ranks to replace them. There has been a drastic decrease in memberships of the country’s biggest clown organizations over the last 10 years. Even kids who are clowns end up quitting after they get to high school or college when they find out it’s not cool anymore. They end up ignoring the urge to clown until they reach their 40’s or 50’s. It may not help that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus make the application process to be a clown harder. And most clowns only make about $300 per birthday party.
Slacker hates clowns and would love to see every single one of them disappear. Lil D's parents went out of town once and the guy that was babysitting him was in clown school. Lil D and his brother got a big show in their backyard that included juggling fire and balancing ladders! It was awesome!
Whether it's good or bad, we all have a clown story. What is yours?

(Photo courtesy flickr.com)

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02/19/2014 9:52PM
Clown Calls
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