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People have been complaining about the “end of chivalry” for years, an article from the New York Times, “The End of Courtship?” summarizes: the demise of traditional dating.
What happened to dinner and a movie? A phone call to ask you out? One-on-one time?
It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy, group hangouts, texts and casual drinks “or whatever” have become the “norm” depleting the traditional romance, which has been left dying a slow and painful death for millennials.
Steve was taught always to be chivalrous; including when a women enter the room at a dinner table he stands up to greet you. Slacker and Steve both participated in this act at lunch today and it was well received; Slacker though said that it is too late for that act to be implemented in his daily life. 
What chivalrous acts do you want to go away?
I think that men have not been acting chivalrous, but women have been accepting it.  Women should start expecting men to act more gracious and in turn men will be more chivalrous.  I feel special when car doors are being opened, I think its kind.
Intern Lauren
(Photo courtesy of freediditalphotos.net)

03/07/2013 7:46PM
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