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Chicks Be Crazy

Recently a woman was arrested for trying to stop a plane her husband was on from takeoff.  She thought he was cheating on her! Sometimes women can go a little crazy. Whether it’s because they think their man is cheating or something one of their girlfriends did to them.  
Stop That Plane!
A Canadian woman was arrested when she tried to stop the plane her husband was on because she thought he was cheating on her. The woman jumped the security fence at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. She was caught immediately after jumping the fence. The woman likely won’t be charged and was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. Turns out, the woman’s husband wasn’t on the plane his wife wanted to stop.
Woman on Woman Crime
A Washington woman attacked another woman at a barbecue because she thought her shorts were too short. The 25-year-old woman confronted the other woman, telling her that her shorts were too short. Several minutes later she attacked the other woman knocking her to the ground. The woman suffered broken facial bones and bleeding in the left eye. The other woman was arrested for felony assault.
Slacker says that he is pretty sure that Steve, during a show, was talking about a crazy girlfriend one time. He says that he has never had anyone not like him to the point of trying to sabotage his car.
Steve said that when he was at the tire shop and they ran his tires through a metal detector for and they found tons of nails in it! He said that the owner of the store asked him if he went through a bad breakup lately. Steve put two and two together and realized his ex was putting nails behind his tires everywhere he was going!
When have you ever flown off the handle?

Intern Tyler

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08/13/2014 6:19PM
Chicks Be Crazy
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