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Changing Babies in Public

A mom in Texas was kicked out of a restaurant recently for opting to change her baby's diaper at the table. Miranda Sowers, who's a mother of three kids, felt she had no choice but to "quickly and quietly" change her baby on the seat next to her when she found there was no changing table in the Brother's Pizza Express restaurant. Donny Lala, the not-so-sympathetic pizza joint manager, defended his decision to ask Miranda and her kids to leave, saying, "As soon as you start opening the diaper, people start complaining about the smell of the diaper. Last thing I want is a customer throwing up."
Slacker understands that these things happen, but he questions if any customer had even complained or the manager is getting way ahead of himself. He says she was at least changing her baby down on the seat; she was trying to be discreet. Either have a changing table or put up a huge sign that warns the mom’s with newborns that there isn’t one! Slacker is team mom all the way! He does see how it could be gross, but what if that really is the only option left.
Steve doesn’t feel bad for you parents because you brought it upon yourselves! He says Donny reserves the right as the manager to kick her out for that reason, its health code. He says she had a huge van so why couldn’t she do everyone a favor and change the baby in the car. He thinks it’s disgusting to be throwing fecal matter all over the restaurant, people are eating!
Do you think it was inappropriate of her to change the baby in the restaurant? Would you have done it?
Tough decision… Gross smell but children are customers too!
Intern Alli

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08/12/2014 7:56PM
Changing Babies in Public
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