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Cellphones on Airplanes

Flying with cell phones, do you think you should turn off your cell phone when on an airplane? And do you think there are any negative effects of cell phones on airplanes?

There was an article of a man that refused to turn off his cell phone, taxied the airplane back to the terminal and asked him to get off the plane.  He refused and ended up being arrested for disorderly conduct. Was the man in the wrong or was it no justified?
Slacker said he truly believes that cell phones and electronic devices such as nooks,kindles,ipads and pocket games should not be so strictly regulated on keeping them put away. They took a few callers and had a flight attendant discussed that it shouldn't be that difficult to turn them off. She believed that people should just comply and be able to turn off their electronics without a hassle.

Should cell phones and other electronic devices be enforced to be shut off or should the airlines be more lenient?

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01/04/2013 5:09PM
Cellphones on Airplanes
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