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Sometimes you meet celebrities and discover they are the nicest, most down to earth people…other times you find out that they are a jerk!

Scottie Pippen was questioned by police after he got into a fight with a man wanting an autograph in Malibu, California. A man approached the Chicago Bulls legend outside a restaurant asking for an autograph.  Pippen allegedly punched the guy in the head… knocking him out, and then kicking him when he was down. The man had to be taken the hospital with serious injuries.  Pippen went to the police station yesterday and talked to cops. He hasn't been charged yet; cops are still investigating.

Slacker says he had a run in with John Mayer. After one of John Mayer’s shows, Slacker was backstage interviewing him when mid-interview John Mayer said he had to cut the interview short to macerate (softening food in liquid) his fruit. After Slacker’s run in he has concluded that John Mayer has great music…but is such a tool!

Steve says he was at a house party and the lead singer from The Rembrandts was there. It was below freezing and he was walking around in shorts and sunglasses being “that guy.”  

Have you had a run in with a celebrity and found out they were a complete jerk?

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06/25/2013 7:26PM
Celebrity Butthead
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06/25/2013 7:45PM
Tony Hawk
A few years ago, my family was at Lego Land in California when Tony Hawk walked into the souvenir store. I personally didn't know who he was, but my friend's dad thinks that he looks like him so he was pretty excited. Tony Hawk picked up the items that he wanted to buy and then tried to go to the front of the very long line to buy his things before everyone else. When a man toward the front of the line confronted him, he replied, "Do you know who I am?" The man and he were screaming at each other before staff had to intervene, which eventually ended in Tony Hawk leaving the store without buying anything. Not a nice guy!
06/25/2013 8:42PM
Norman Reedus-(The Walking Dead)
I recently met him at a wizard con and was quite surprised by what tool he was. The tickets were quite expensive and he came to the Q&A 15 minutes while we sat and waited. Apparently we can just wait since he is the "celebrity" and we are just the tagalongs. Once there he sat with sunglasses on the entire time and made nasty comments. My personal favorite was when a girl (who, like the rest of us, there was most decidedly not a supermodel) asked him "If a zombie apocalypse happened would you go around saving people like your character does on the show?" and he sneered at her and said " I would only save the PRETTY girls!" very classy! Then when it was time for my 66 year old mother and I to get our photos taken with him we asked him not to flip the bird in our photos as we wanted a nice picture we could display in our home (he had been flipping off the camera in nearly all of the photos up until then) He glared at us and then guess what he did? That's right! Ruined our photos (That also cost a lot of money) and flipped off the camera in both of our photos! it wasn't until later that I found out that my mother and I were the only women he did that to. This guy really cares for no one but himself, certainly not his fans, and he has no respect for anyone but himself.
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