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Caught in a Lie

According to a new survey, at least one-third of women lie or exaggerate something once a month on Facebook.  The main reason is so their lives seem less boring, and the most common lie; saying that they are doing something when really they are just at home alone.
No secret that Slacker used to date multiple people at a time, three to be exact. On his birthday these lovely ladies decided to show up and wish him well.  Girlfriend 1 comes mid-morning well while she is still there… doorbell rings, and its girlfriend 2 Slacker says whatever he could think of to get her to leave. While she is in the parking lot her car ends up being dead… Slacker had to go down and help out when girlfriend 3 shows up… OOPS!
In high school Steve did not want to go to a far way tournament, so he called the coach and told him that he was “sick”, and was advised to stay home. Turns out Steve decided to go to the park nearby school and have some fun with other friends.  The bus full of his teammates drive by and watch him participate in the fun activities… The coach then later suspended him from a few games. OOPS!
What have you lied about?
Intern Lauren
(Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

03/18/2013 6:27PM
Caught in a Lie
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