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A woman in Sheshire ended up paying thousands of dollars in damage due to her cat having an epilepsy episode causing him to turn on their stove.
Another cat attack a woman in Michigan, while she was walking her dog. She kicked snow at the aggressive cat but the cat latched onto her face giving her cellulites infections.

Slacker thinks cats ruin your life. He remembers Lil’ D our producer taking time off of work due to a cat bite. His dad got bit by a cat and got a bacterial infection that caused him to get
several surgeries. The bite was possibly lethal.

Steve said this is why he doesn’t have cats.

What cat-astrophe have you experienced?

Intern Courtney


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02/11/2014 7:25PM
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02/11/2014 8:29PM
Kelli spoke with you on 2/11 about Cat astrophes
Hi Slacker and Steve, I spoke with you about my cat Cocoa that ate her litter of kittens. We got cut off. I was wondering did I win Bruno Mars tickets ??? Love your show.....Kelli 720 879 1846
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