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Candy That Shouldn't Exist


A list has come out of candy, that people think should go away…and we think it’s way off.
Here are some of the worst, according to the folks at BuzzFeed:

1. Black Jellybeans
2. Laffy Taffy
3. Three Musketeers
4. Dubble Bubble
5. Dum Dums
6. Good & Plenty
7. Runts
8. Rolos
9. Milk Duds
10. Junior Mints
11. Bulk Gummi Bears
12. Bit-O-Honey
13. Raisinets
14. Lemonheads
15. Flavored Tootsie Rolls
16. Tootsie Pops
17. DOTS
18. Chunky Bar

Slacker hates 3 Musketeers and Rolo’s… Himself, Steve and Lil’ D all agree that chocolate-flavored licorice is the worst. Gross.

Personally I hate jujubes, they get stuck to your teeth!

What candy do you think should not exist or what candy do you think should never be on this list?

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03/05/2013 7:15PM
Candy That Shouldn't Exist
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03/10/2013 8:35PM
dots were my all time fa candy. i use to love chewing them in the back of my mouth. the way they squished inbetween my teeth. then i would pick the rest of the candy out of my teeth with a toothpickloved that the most. then i i got false teeth and i never could eat them again
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