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Can't Play Football


One 12-year-old girl from Georgia has been playing co-ed football since grade school, but is now being kicked off the team due to her developing body! School officials are worried that her teammates will have impure thoughts about her.

Slacker and Steve both agree that impure thoughts will arise no matter what (regardless of whether or not she was playing).  However, Steve thinks it’s okay to remove her from the team to protect her.  Slacker also thinks that football is a guys only sport so maybe it’s not all that bad that she’s not being allowed to play.    

What do you think?

I think it’s ridiculous that she’s being kicked off the team due to something she can’t control.  This would be the perfect opportunity to teach the male players to have some self-control. Who knows, perhaps the “impure thoughts” reasoning may simply be a cover up for the real reason… she’s a girl, football is a guy sport.  Maybe I went to a weird high school, but there was in fact a rule stating that if there wasn’t a team for the other gender (like football for the girls and volleyball for the guys) then the genders could be mixed (i.e. a guy could in fact play volleyball at my school).  If she’s good enough to play let her play, and if she wants to play and she’s proficient and up to the standards of the sport than let her play. Don’t make excuses like boobs are distracting… Yeah, they are. We get it!

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

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06/26/2013 7:23PM
Can't Play Football
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06/26/2013 7:51PM
I say let her play. I played coed rugby until I was 13 and couldn't continue for the same reason. Fortunately for me in high school we created a girl's rugby club, but I don't think that will happen with football so let her play. Emily
06/26/2013 8:14PM
My 11 year old is in BJJ. I called in but didn't get to finish our story. When she competes in tournaments she registers under the kids division which is co-ed. The teen division is co-ed as well. As she gets older, she will compete in the women's division. So to answer your question with a little more clarity, yes, she will compete with women when she gets older. One of the reasons we love BJJ for our daughter now, as a pre teen is because I know and she knows that she will be able to defend herself against the boy/man that decides to put his hands on her in an inappropriate manner. There is a big difference between groping and grappling. While she does comment that she might be uncomfortable grappling with a boy she has a crush on, she has no problem getting on the mat and whooping his tail! When she is on that mat, it's all business.
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