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If you do something wrong, you’re bound to get caught somehow! Recently A tornado that swept through a Tennessee town damaged homes and threw a man's belongings onto lawns - many of which had been reported stolen by his neighbors. Since the tornado hit the town of Kingsport on Sunday, the 26-year-old man has been charged with two burglaries and two thefts. He was in jail on unrelated charges when the twister hit. Neighbors were surprised to see what was on his yard.
Slacker says that when he was living in an apartment complex he used to put his cloths in the local laundry and then leave back to his apartment which was right next to the laundry building. He said that he never left his cloths in there longer than needed to be; when he returned one time half of his cloths were stolen! Slacker said that a little while later he was getting his mail, he saw a guy with his stolen shirt!
Steve said he was just so good he never got busted for anything.
Have you ever been busted for something in a weird way?
Intern Tyler

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07/30/2014 7:19PM
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07/31/2014 11:39AM
broke up dated someone else
Ok so me and my boyfriend had broken up for a few months and I moved out. I had stopped by his place to pick up my kid and he was telling me that he wanted to get back together and asked if i was/had been seeing anyone and I told him no. At that moment a guys(one of my exs) ex girlfriend that I had a random date with the week before called my boyfriend and told him that we had spent a night in a hotel room together. (Not sure how she got his number but she knew I was there by my FB location). He put it on speaker phone and when she was done told her ty for the info. He looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders and left.
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