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A man flying over his own house saw a criminal in action… his trailer was being stolen from right under him.  The pilot subsequently called the police and the man was busted!

Slacker recalled a time when he younger and used to hide “hard core”, adult magazines and video tapes around his parents’ house.  One day, however, he reached into one of his hiding places and found… nothing.  His mother had found his stash, knew her son looked at porn, but didn’t say a word to Slacker about it which made his “busted” experience all that much worse. Steve, on the other hand, used to steal a lot but quit at the age of 18 so his record would be expunged.  

 How have you gotten busted or busted someone else?

When I turned 21 my close friends still had a little time to go.  So they got fake ids and went to bars with me.  One night, a bouncer took my friend Liz’s id and said there was no way it was her, she foolishly tried to argue.  After yelling at him for a minute and saying she could prove it was her by going to get her credit card from her car, he threatened to call the police and let them deal with it.  She and the rest of us tucked our tails between our legs and ran out of the bar. 
Stay Classy!
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01/03/2013 6:27PM
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