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Busted Ride


So Slacker and Steve took a quick ride with Little D today and realized what a busted ride he has.  While Steve was in the back seat he had to be turned around to let Little D know if and when he could get over because… he doesn’t have a rearview mirror!

Slacker and Steve realize that Little D has a baby on the way and probably has other stuff to spend his money on but it just made them reminisce about the busted ride that Slacker had… In high school he bought a Ford Pinto that his parents led him to.  It was so ugly that even though it practically had a fold out bed in it, he couldn’t get any girls to get inside it!  It was Forrest Green with fake wood paneling that was peeling off.  The hood was purchased at a junk yard in a dark brown shade, and the front passenger side was Baby Powder Blue.  Slacker is pretty convinced that no one can top this…

What makes your vehicle a “busted ride”?

My friend and I had what we called “hoopties” when we were 17.  Mine wouldn’t move more than ten feet if I didn’t let it warm up for ten minutes.  Hers had a heater that never turned off.  So, in the middle of the summer she would drive down the highway with the heat cranked until she was about to pass out, then quickly roll down the windows for the burst of fresh air.  As crappy as they were, we never wrecked them, but when we finally bought newer, nicer cars, we wrecked them three days apart from each other. 

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(photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

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01/14/2013 7:42PM
Busted Ride
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