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Bug Related Incident

An elementary school in Oregon was recently infested with bugs. Some of the students broke out in rashes and were bitten by the bugs however the district was unable to identify the bug! Another man’s house in Philadelphia had become so infested with cockroaches that the government threatened to condemn the house if the man did not do something about the bugs. He later got the house exterminated.

Slacker had a friend who was on a special diet where you eat insects for the protein! While she was eating the bugs she accidentally ate a bug that was still alive. It was moving in her mouth and she had to spit it out!

Steve says he thought people only ate bugs on Survivor or as a last resort to survive in a dire situation. He wonders why people would torture themselves by eating bugs for a health diet.

What creepy incident have you experienced?

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03/21/2014 6:27PM
Bug Related Incident
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