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An artist decided to protest a museum by smashing a $1 million vase that was over 700 years old. He is now facing criminal charges for breaking the vase.
Slacker didn’t break art, but him and an old significant other broke a tremendously expensive bottle of wine. She threw something at him and it knocked him into the wine bottle and they broke a bottle of wine costing thousands. He almost broke a jet when he worked at the airlines and it wasn’t a great experience, but luckily nothing happened to the jet because he would be in debt to this plane for the rest of days.

Steve laughs at Slacker’s expense. He has broken things, but never something that expensive!

What is the most expensive thing you have broken?

I didn’t break anything, but I did write on my neighbors Lexus with a black sharpie when I was 3 years old…. Haha. She was snarky and deserved it.

Intern Nikki

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02/18/2014 6:19PM
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