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Lil' D our producer is very upset that a fast food restaurant has gotten rid of his favorite spicy mustard. He has vowed that he is so upset that he will not eat there until they bring it back!

Slacker thinks Lil’ D is losing his mind. He feels like him and Steve have reached a point in their careers to bring this kind of stuff back. It always seems to be food. He tells Lil’ D that Chick-Fil-A has a spicy mustard and that he should try and go find it in the Asian isle to find this mustard in the store. He wants M&M’s to bring back crisp M&M’s. It was like a whopper had relations with an M&M.

Steve wonders how long this stupid mustard has been at this fast foods place. Lil’ D told him that it was been there forever and he ate it with this chicken nuggets. Steve says this mustard sounds pretty popular… yeah right. 1,000 people liked the Facebook page for bringing back spicy mustard. His is kind of weird. He hates the digital cameras and wants the 35 millimeter cameras back. Bring back the film. He hid his weed in the canisters and he wants them back now.

Have you ever stopped going somewhere because they discontinued something? Did they ever bring it back?

I stopped going to Taco Bell because they discontinued the Baja Chalupa with the spicy sauce and I have never been back. I was very upset. Okay, not really. But still.

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02/04/2014 4:20PM
Bring It Back
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