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Three Delaware mothers staged a “nurse-in” at the Concord Mall.  They had a sign with them that read, “Do you eat in public? Why shouldn’t our babies?” However, only moments after their babies started to eat mall security came and told them that they needed to cover up or leave.  The mothers argued for their right to publicly breast-feed and the security guard left, only to return with a state trooper. The mothers were ultimately booted from the mall for breast-feeding.  All of this happened despite the fact that Delaware has a law that says that women are allowed to breast-feed in public and private locations.

Slacker talked about a time when he was in a mall and as he was coming up a set of stairs there was a woman breast-feeding on a bench at the top of the stairs.  He says that as he came up he received a full view of her baby eating as well as the deadliest look from this woman.  He asked, where else could he have possibly looked in that situation? Steve, on the other hand, said that we do eat in public, but we don’t rip our shirts off in the process.

Do you have any breast-feeding incidences?

I’m always in full support of women being able to breast-feed freely in public. I do expect them to be respectful and to not go looking for a fight, but I understand that when babies have to eat they have to eat.  Mothers shouldn’t have to go hide when their baby has to eat and society shouldn’t condemn them for simply doing what they have to do.

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

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01/30/2013 7:23PM
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02/03/2013 7:36PM
When woman have babies those babes are not going to he patient. So whitch one would you choose-seeing motherly parts or hear a screaming crying baby?
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