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Breaking Up With Someone In The Service Industry


In the building a few years ago, there was a security guard that became pretty good friends with Steve. Unfortunately, he lost his job as the security guard and started cleaning people’s houses so Steve offered him a job to clean his house. Steve has wanted to “break-up” with him for years now and although he has practiced with Slacker, he still can’t pull it off. Now he’s being approached by people in the building to use their service and it’s time for him to get serious. He has to end it. So, he wants your advice, how can Steve “break-up” with him?

Slacker tried to go to guitar lessons when he was younger and he went to two lessons with the instructor before he realized he could play better than him! He didn’t even know what to say when the instructor asked for the next months check, but inside his head he was yelling, “You’re horrible!” In the end he played the poor angle and the lessons were over.

Have you experience a “break-up” with someone in the service industry?

Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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12/05/2012 7:16PM
Breaking Up With Someone In The Service Industry
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