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Bought It and Ruined It

A London man recently crashed into a grocery store just hours after buying a new Porsche! We want to know…have you ever bought something and ruined almost immediately?

 The London man who crashed his Porsche into a grocery store hours just after buying it the store manager Tom Jones said, "The chap who had the crash had just bought the car. He thought it was in reverse and accelerated straight into the fire exit in his brand new Porsche. Thankfully no-one was injured. The car had a few scratches. The door was damaged, but I don't think it was too serious."

Slacker waited in life for hours for the iPhone3 when it first came out and right after getting his new phone, he dropped it, and it skipped like a pebble across water on the concert…Just after it comes to a stop in the middle of the road a car come and runs it flatter than a pancake. Steve was close with his motorcycle…

What have you ruined almost immediately?

A while back I was vacationing with my family and got some moccasin slippers…wearing them that night I accidently stepped on one of the strings and broke it. Definitely not a big deal, but they still haven’t been fixed.

Intern Lauren

(Photo courtesy from freedigitalphotos.net)

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05/16/2013 7:15PM
Bought In and Ruined It
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