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Boss Requests

Drive him to a sketchy neighborhood so he could get drugs…asked you to join her in the bedroom…marry them so they could stay in the country…sometimes the person you work for can ask you to do some pretty unusual stuff!
Slacker was once part of a cover-up. His boss had embezzled funds but he told Slacker that he lost the bank bags. The boss came up with a scheme to have Slacker pull money out of the drawer to make up the difference in the deposit. Slacker found out that he was part of the plan when the boss got caught and Slacker almost got fired! Steve has heard of someone that asked an employee to be a surrogate from them.
I once had a boss ask me to water his plants while he was out of town. When I went by to get the rundown of what I was to do, I found out that he wanted me to water his grow operation! I ended up telling him that I was busy and couldn't help him out.
What is the craziest request your boss has ever made of you?
- Lil D
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04/16/2013 2:00AM
Boss Requests
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