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Boomerang Buys


Boomerang buys are consumers who go and buy something and use/ wear it once and return it. We are not talking about returning something because it work or fit right, but these people literally have the intention of using it once and returning it. There is even talk of Victoria’s Secret shredding items when returned, things like underwear. This is called “wardrobing.”

Slacker personally knows person who bought the gum to remove the tags off of clothing and put them back on. Slacker has done it before. “We were in band and we couldn’t rent a lighting rig to play the event and we didn’t have the money to buy it, so we screwed a completely innocent store over. We bought the lights and then drove the next town returned it.”

Steve says women are notorious for doing this. It is crazy. Can you do that with cars? Jets? RV’s? Hmm.
Have you ever bought something with the full intention of using it once and returning it?

I have never done this before. When I buy something I want it forever. I am not gonna buy something to wear it once. Especially with going through all the hassle to get the tag back on or look like a fool to leaving the tag on and someone points it out. I’ll pass.

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12/10/2013 7:31PM
Boomerang Buys
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