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Board Game Brawls

There’s a new game out called Space Team where you get to yell through your phone at your opponent. You yell so called “techno babble” at your opponent until their ship crashes or explodes. Everyone has gotten into an argument while playing a board game. Whether it’s a friendly board game with friends or an intense competition with family you’ve probably gotten in an argument during a game.

Slacker says there hasn’t been a game he’s played where an argument hasn’t started. He thinks lots of the board game companies wanted families to start playing games together again. He says he has plenty of fond memories playing those games but the bulk of the memories end in chaos and fighting. He says playing Battleship got very violent when he played and he even had one of the pegs rammed into his leg

Steve thinks Slacker deserves all the chaos he had while playing games because he thinks he cheats on almost every game he plays. He used to hate it when people would bump the table while he was playing Jenga and it would all fall down.

What’s the worst experience you’ve had while playing a game with friends or family?

I used to play monopoly with my dad, brothers, and cousins, all the time when I was younger. To this day we have not completed a game because my dad had a way of bringing every one of us to tears during the game. We were young so he would laugh if we’d lose a property, or cheat someway. So to this day we haven’t tried to play the game again.

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04/03/2014 7:25PM
Board Games
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04/03/2014 8:42PM
Who won Board Game brawls
Was there a winner in the board game brawls call-in?This is Brenda who recounted the prison Chess game gone awry. If I won, How do I find out because the call dropped at the end.
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