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Blonde Moment


Science has, and continues, to solve many of the world’s problems…diseases, hunger crises…the list goes on. Scientists have now used their skills to prove blondes are just as smart as everyone else.

Blondes are not so dumb after all: Hair color is completely unrelated to personality and intelligence. Scientists have debunked the dumb blonde stereotype. New research shows that hair color is ‘only skin deep’ because it depends on just a single letter of the genetic code. Switching a single ‘letter’ of DNA would turn brunettes to blondes, and would have no effect on the brain. The study (from Stanford University in California) proves hair color is completely unrelated to any other trait and dispels the notion that blonde hair signifies lower intelligence.
 ** Researchers also found that the gene that affects blonde hair isn’t associated with eye color - suggesting that blonde hair and blue eyes are not genetically linked.
Slacker says he has pictures of himself when he was four and he was platinum blonde! He says that since he was born blonde he doesn’t understand anything on the story. Slacker says that we all know it’s an actual stereotype and why would scientists waste their time with such a silly study! He said that he asked Lil D what SMH meant on social media, Lil D said “Smah.” Slacker did some research and found out
Steve says that Einstein may have been blonde at one point and that he didn’t get smart until he got white hair. He says that one time he waited for paper to autocorrect itself
What is your “blonde moment?”
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06/04/2014 4:36PM
Blonde Moment
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