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Lately, we've been getting a ton of e-mails about being blackmailed and we thought we'd bring it to the surface. 

One man is being blackmailed by a woman in his office building. He works with mostly older people but managed to become friends with the one young single girl inside the office. They like to go back and forth with harmless flirting and cute lil' text messages, but as of lately she has made it known to him that she wants to have relations with him. If he doesn't, she will blackmail him to HR. There's only one problem...He's engaged! Now he has no idea how to handle this situation. Should he beat her to HR? Should he tell his fiancé? Should they go to HR together? What do you think? 

We've even received an e-mail from a guy that is engaged to a woman and has been innocently flirting with a woman at work. However, in this situation she is going to blackmail him by telling everyone they had relations, even if it doesn't really happen! With this twist, what do you think he should do?

Have you been blackmailed before? What happened? 

Peace. Love - Assistant Producer Stephanie

(Photo Courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

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11/13/2012 10:08PM
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