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Believe It Or Not, You Only Spend 23 Minutes A Day Doing This!

How many times a day do you eat?

For me not enough, I'm trying to get better about working out, resting, and eating right and the funny thing is I struggle the most with the last one!

I'm sure that you've heard the more small meals a day that we can take in the better.  Basically the a little bit of wood periodically on the fire analogy.

A new survey reveals that the average person only spends 23 total minutes eating a day!  Are you surprised at that number?   (I am)  

You may sit at the table for longer than that, but when it comes to actually putting food in your mouth, you're doing it really quickly.  (Okay, that makes more sense)
The average person eats for six minutes at breakfast, eight minutes for lunch, and nine minutes for dinner.
20% of people say they rarely sit down at a table when they eat meals . . . and 33% eat so quickly they barely taste the food.
When you're eating, you SHOULD try to make your food last 20 minutes.  That's the best way to get full on a reasonable portion and make sure you digest it all properly. 

Bon Appetit!

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06/11/2013 6:21AM
Believe It Or Not, You Only Spend 23 Minutes A Day Doing This!
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