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Behind My Back

Yi! We got a letter from a woman and you won’t believe the decision her husband made behind her back about their son:

I am so upset right now I don't know what to do! My husband and I have a son that just turned a year old. He had his 1-year checkup a week ago but I couldn't make it because of my work schedule. My husband took him instead. We had discussed what would happen at the appointment and I specifically told him that I did not want our son to get any vaccines. I've done a lot of reading on them and found there are a lot of dangerous ingredients in them and absolutely no proof that they actually work.
So, our son was running a fever and my husband said that the doctor told him it may happen because of the shots he got! I got so upset and asked if he let the doctor give our son vaccines and he said yes! He said it was crazy not to protect him any way we could. I am beside myself! He went behind my back and put our son in danger! What should I do?

Slacker understands why Danielle is mad, but he doesn't understand why anyone would ever think vaccines are a bad thing. He rolled the dice with his kids and got them vaccinated. He said he and his wife talked about it and decided that it was better to risk something happening from the vaccines than to let his kids be susceptible to disease.

Steve says that Danielle and her husband discussed the problem and she apparently let her wishes be known. Steve said his brother-in-law took his nephew to get his first haircut and brought the kid home with a mohawk and a pierced ear.

Do you agree with Danielle or her husband? What has someone done behind your back?

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06/16/2014 8:42PM
Behind My Back
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06/24/2014 9:45PM
Did they actually have a discussion or did she talk and he pretended to listen (they are married)? If he actually did research on the topic and had an opinion on it they should have both agreed on what to do before the appointment. If he just let the dr override his wife (because he/she is a dr), then I agree with her. Regardless, vaccinations can be a pretty heated topic. Both of them should have researched the subject and actively participated in the discussion and come to an agreement (my guess is that did not happen).
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