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It appears that bartering is alive and well in the United States! We had a friend tip someone with energy drinks he had in his car…a female friend traded relations for a term paper!
Even Craigslist has a bartering page. A guy in California was trying to sell his car. A buyer showed up interested in the car and instead of cash, if offered to give him a quarter pound of weed! The California guy worked for the police station and the drug team met him for the exchange!

What have you bartered for?

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12/04/2012 4:29PM
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12/05/2012 6:14AM
Barter is bigger than your think
I ran one of the most successful business to business barter/trading companies in Denver in the 1980's and we had nearly 1000 business that would sell to one and buy from another using a central accounting feature in the middle. It's virtually everything Visa/MasterCard do with out the government issued currency - it's a digital currency. Today we run a global marketplace for barter/trading online (since 1999). Check out and for consumers and business.
12/05/2012 6:27AM
I have bartered for over 30 years
I have traded for hotel rooms, restaurants, dental care, eye care, maple syrup, jewelry, gasoline, gold, beef, literally everything you can imagine. I make a great radio interview also.
12/07/2012 10:59AM
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02/25/2013 11:32PM
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