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Bad Thanksgiving Food


We spent last thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family since we just graduated college and we were close. Since we are close again he wants to spend Thanksgiving at home again this year. I told him no cause it will ruin my life. His mom is the most horrible cook ever! You have to force feed yourself and stop yourself from gagging to get through the meal. Thanksgiving is all about the food and I can’t ruin it again like I did last year. I haven’t said anything to him about this but I think he probably knows since it is that bad. She needs an intervention about how bad her food is. It was dried out turkey, brown water for gravy and not the cranberry sauce but whole cranberries instead. It is really the worst food on the planet. I can’t bear to go back again.


Slacker says that holidays are supposed to be joyous and yet everyone always falls apart. If she can’t go to her boyfriend’s mom’s house for dinner she might need to evaluate whether or not they should be together at all. People have their own rendering of traditional Thanksgiving food that I don’t really care for but wouldn’t stretch it so far to make it a big deal. She should suck it up for one day a year, eat before you go, it is not all about the food it is also about family and football!

Steve says their relationship is going to hinge on gravy. She could be the hero of the family if she steps up about the bad food so the others no longer have to suffer through it anymore.

She needs your advice. What should she do?

It is one day out of the year you will make him happy. Tell him in a polite way that his mother’s food is not your favorite so that he knows why you don’t want to go and that you are only going for him. If you went to his parent’s this year it is only fair that you do yours this year. Slacker is right if you want to be with this guy you need to decide what is more important…..FOOD at one event a year….or the love you share everyday with your boyfriend?
If it is food then get out of it now!


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11/20/2013 6:20PM
Bad Thanksgiving Food
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