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Bad Roommates


One of the best freedoms in the world is moving out of your parent’s house…but most of the time you have to live with a roommate and that can make your life a living hell!

The West Palm Beach police recently arrested LaTasha Currington for extorting her estranged roommate. The victim, a teacher, sent nude shots to a friend in jail. The jail rejected the shots and sent them back. Currington intercepted the shots and then demanded $1,500 from her roommate in exchange for not distributing them. The roommate called the police, who set up a meeting and arrested Currington when she arrived.

Slacker’s college girlfriend had a roommate that had an incredible odor. Like pigpen. It was so nasty in that dorm room. She could leave and the stench would remain. In college there were guys that were swimmers that would beat him with their towels every day. It was terrible. Slacker said he would play guitar until all hours of the night.

Steve says Slacker deserved it since he would practically have band practice in the dorm room. Steve has never had a roommate before so he doesn't know what it is like.

What is your worst bad roommate story?

I have had roommates that didn’t clean up and I felt like “MOM” a lot. The worst was one that was 18 and I was 22 she would bring over underage friends and drink all my alcohol do drugs I even caught them smoking in the house once all while I was at work. Her friends would trash the house, pass out, throw up and break things. Then they would randomly steal stuff from the neighbors like car magnets, booze, street signs, cones, and even a giant garden statue that I found in my kitchen.


(Photo Courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net)

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11/06/2013 6:27PM
Bad Roommates
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