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Bad Idea


Kids are always getting into trouble and playing pranks, but this one led to a house fire in Dora, Alabama. Some kids toilet-papered a house and the owner’s son was cleaning it up when he saw some was stuck in the tree. They had the bright idea of lighting the toilet paper on fire to get it down when a piece fell into the yard and set their grass on fire. The fire met the grill’s propane tank catching the house on fire destroying everything!

Slacker thinks this person is so stupid. Yes, the idea sounded brilliant but really? Think about it, there’s TOILET PAPER, in a TREE, that is FLAMABLE. Hello, that’s disaster waiting to happen. Baaaaad idea. Growing up, Slacker had ridges in the driveway and snow would get packed in there, so he got his dad’s blow torch and taped it to a shovel so it would melt the snow. The shovel was plastic and it melted the shovel too. Yeah, baaaad idea. He said on paper, it looked good.

Steve was laughing at this moron. He made fun of Slacker for the blow torch bit and would have never done something that stupid in his life.

What was your really bad idea that seemed really good?

When I was young, my friend had a giant trampoline n her back yard and we loved to jump on it. So my friend and I were rebels and wanted to jump off the trees and fences onto it and just fly into the air. So I proceeded to jump from the tree and I flew back in the air and hit a branch so hard in the head I thought I had a concussion. We should’ve thought about that beforehand.


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01/23/2014 6:23PM
Bad Idea
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01/23/2014 9:24PM
A couple of friends and I found out the daycare at the end of my street didn't lock the back gate. We would go into the back play yard and meander to the front where the cool toys were. There was a merry-go-round that kind of looked like Saturn. I climbed up under the dome of the ride with one friend while another pushed us around. After a while, she got tired of pushing and lay on the rings. I got tired of watching the world go round and thought the ride was slowed enough. I put my foot down, clad only in a plastic flip-flop, and when the side of my foot met the metal it was sliced almost completely in half. Thought it was a good idea to stop the ride, but ended up in stitches and crutches for most of that summer!
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