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Bad Breakups

YI! Here are some of the most hilarious ways to tell your partner that it is over:
  • A pizza box is just one of the creative ways partners have found to tell their partner that they are ending their relationship.
  • A compilation of break-up letters posted online includes letters, personal ads and even a billboard.
  • Another person saying goodbye, shows a cheery drawing of a man riding a giraffe saying:  "I think we should break up I would tell you why, but I am having a tough time describing my feelings. So I drew a picture of me riding a giraffe, instead. Sorry, ZF.”
  • A guy named Kevin found out things were over when every other reader did-- in a personal ad…
Both Slacker and Steve are passive aggressive breakup-ers, and just ignore the girls until they breakup with them. They go ghost, till the girl leaves.

How bad was your breakup?

Intern Lauren

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05/09/2013 6:14PM
Bad Breakups
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05/09/2013 6:34PM
I was invoiced for my relationship...
Hey guys! I figured this would be better written than anything I could say on the phone! So I made the mistake of dating a high school crush (10 years later) who lives here and is an accountant. We dated for 3 months long distance and when I moved to Colorado I lived with him for the first month and a half. He insisted on flying out to San Francisco to do the drive back with me. He also insisted on letting me live for free at his house though I offered to pay rent (he argued I dog sat for him and that was worth my rent), and he was kind enough to let me borrow his truck while living at his house and commuting to work and to move to my new apartment in Denver. When we broke up and he got upset, he decided it was acceptable to retroactively bill me for all those things he had done. Here's what he sent me: "I have given you ample time to come up with a reasonable amount to be paid to me and to date have not heard anything about when or how much. As such, I have taken the time out of my day to make a conservative bill for you. I based the amounts on items that fall outside of the scope of a general boyfriend / girlfriend relationship. Further, certain items were excluded such as me taking you to the grocery store and helping you pick up and move chairs. Again and as noted in the attached document, please remit payment as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding the balance or how items were calculated please let me know as soon as possible." Detailed Invoice for balances owed to ________ from Jennifer ________ (“Jenny”) for rent and utilities owed as well as services rendered which are noted as falling outside of the normal scope of a relationship. Note: Information included herein is based on a time period of 7 weeks which includes, but is not limited to, the time period in which Jenny was moved from San Francisco, California to Aurora, Colorado through the time which she was moved to her townhouse in Denver, Colorado Description: Rent: Based on a $400 per month chargeable rent plus $100 a month chargeable utility balance and including a time period of one and three quarter months. Note that the $100 utility charge is based on an established agreement with prior roommates. Vehicle: Based on an estimated extra usage of 1,000 miles at the federal mileage reimbursement rate of $0.55 per mile. These miles were incurred during the time living at ________ as well as personal trips taken. Estimated miles are based on drive time not including ___________. Moving: Total fuel expenses incurred while travelling from San Francisco to Aurora. Note that credit card support can be provided upon request. Further, this balance does not include airfare which, as previously discussed, is set to counteract dog food purchased by Jenny. Balance due for services rendered in moving from Aurora to Denver and based on estimation of cost of use of U-haul and personal time spent loading and unloading all household items. Balance: $875.00 $550.00 $200.00 $150.00 Total Balance Due: $ 1,775.00 Note: As is standard, the balance is to be paid in full no later than 30 days subsequent to the receipt of this invoice. Any questions or inquiries must be made no later than 15 days subsequent to the receipt of this invoice. Failure to make the necessary payment will result in additional interest charged at an annual rate of 18%. Thank you, XXXX To sum up my response, I basically told people don't bill for every good action they do just because they have a falling out...can you imagine that slippery slope?? Needless to say I called him out and never gave him a penny!!
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