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Bad Bachelor/ette Parties

A group of men on their way to the Kentucky Derby for a bachelor party made a gruesome discovery after they pulled their rented RV over in southeastern Minnesota: a body inside the vehicle's exterior cargo compartment. Talk about creepy!

Slacker says when bachelor parties go to strip clubs the strippers just see dollar signs. And you spend way too much. He was reading about bachelor parties but bachelorette parties didn’t actually start until the 70’s. Slacker said he approached by a bachelorette party and he had to eat a candy of this woman’s candy necklace, but that is so vanilla.

Steve says bachelorette parties are just stupid now because they play girly games.

Lil' D said his bachelor party was horrible because they weren't doing anything he wanted to do, so him and his brother got into a fist fight. His brohter had a black eye at the wedding.

Have you ever been to a bachelor/ bachelorette party that went terribly wrong?

Intern Nikki

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05/05/2014 7:17PM
Bad Bachelor/ette Parties
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