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Bad Babysitters


A 28-year-old woman in Orlando was caught drunk on a stranger’s porch when she was supposed to be babysitting a two-year-old. She claimed it was her birthday and she wanted to get drunk. The two-year-old was found in wet shorts and a t-shirt in 39 degree weather. She ended up going to jail.

A couple went to jail after they were watching their nephew. They forced him to smoke dope and drink alcohol, and even made him get behind the wheel even though he is not of age to drive. They both landed themselves in jail with child abuse charges against them.

Slacker said that one memory he had was when he was young was that his older brother bought a tub of marsh mellow cream and cookie dough and they sat and watched horrifying movies and eating this junk. When his parents came home both him, and his brother were puking their brains out and he will never eat cookies to this day.

Steve thinks it is the dad’s fault for not screening the baby sitter for the Orlando story. As far as the aunt and uncle go, Steve thinks that there was no problem (joking of course.) He wanted to party when he was 13. He thinks this aunt and uncle are cool. The kid is the crazy one.

How horrible was your babysitter?

When I was twelve, I baby sat this new born baby and was very bored, so my girlfriend and I decided to prank call people. We got a call back from a woman saying we needed to stop harassing her daughter over the phone and asking her personal questions. The weird thing was that we didn’t prank call any girls. We prank called boys. Not that horrible. But hey, still scary for me!

(photo courtesy flickr.com)

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01/13/2014 4:21PM
Bad Babysitters
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