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Babysitting Bad Kids

We talk about bad babysitters all the it's time to hear their side of the story. We know it’s not always the babysitter’s fault, sometimes it’s the kids just being bad!
Slacker said that in school he was the kid in school that would be good for teachers and for the sub. He said that he was always taught to treat everyone the same because his parents would have found out anyways. Slacker then explains that his family was to poor and he never had a babysitter.
Steve said that he had an au pair, who he scared off after one day!
Lil D said he got every babysitter that he ever had fired! He said that with one babysitter he would call 911 constantly and then hang up, when 911 called back they would blame it on the sitter. Lil D also talks about how he locked one sitter out of the house and then threw condiment packets at her! He said it was the perfect plan because the sitter would never complain because she wanted to look good to continue working.
How bad were the kids that you’ve babysat?
Intern Tyler

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07/30/2014 6:18PM
Babysitting Bad Kids
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