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Baby Scare!

I had a bit of a baby scare yesterday but the good news is that everything turned out okay!  I had been monitoring my blood pressure at home to make sure it was okay, and it seemed a little high yesterday.  So, I did what I was supposed to do and called my doctor.  She sent me into the Aurora Women’s Pavillion in West Allis(where I’m scheduled to have the baby in a 3 weeks!) and I spent a few hours there but luckily got to go home because everything was okay and baby looked great! 

It’s moments like those that I’m glad I’m having the baby at Aurora and know that they are always there to provide me with the best care if something is off.  I was happy to get discharged and go home, but it was also a reminder that I have a baby coming soon(yeah!) and the staff is so wonderful there that I have no worries about how my experience will go. 

To find the aurora doctor that is right for you, go to www.aurora.org/ob

I have TWO doctor appointments this week.  One is tomorrow to do a non-stress test---and then another ultrasound on Friday.  I will be sure to keep you updated!  Until next time….

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08/26/2013 9:14AM
Baby Scare!
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08/26/2013 9:43AM
glad you are ok i had my daughter there almost a year ago
08/26/2013 3:50PM
Great Hospital!
My cousin Jayne is a nurse in the materity unit. I had my daughter there and I absolutely loved it there. They have great care. Glad the baby is ok and you are well also.
08/26/2013 9:27PM
Is this just an advertisement for aurora? Is Kiss that strapped for money that they have to use your pregnancy for advertisement money?
08/29/2013 12:46PM
Baby scare
Can't open it? What happened?
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