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A recent post on Reddit asked, "What's the most awkward situation you've ever encountered?" Among the responses were:

mattymogue: I was working at a Bertucci's when some dude proposed to his gf in front of everyone and got rejected. What made it weird is that neither one of them left. They just sat there while he talked to her with her face buried in her hands.
aurturo: I was a camp counselor and we had a blind camper who couldn't find her backpack....I asked her what color it was, she said she didn't know...

mini-you: This just happened two weeks ago. My 7 year old son has discovered the joys of texting from my wife's phone. He and my wife are at my work waiting for me to lock up, he's sending me text messages from right across the table. Then he starts scrolling up, and gets a huge grin, and says "Whoa, I saw Mommy's boobs!" Yup...saw her naughty texts to me. I told her to delete them when she sent them. Guess she didn't.

CrunchyToes: I was running for an elevator full of people when the doors began to close in front of me. I tried the old 'stick your hand into the gap and the doors will automatically reopen' gambit. Not only did it not work, but I managed to accidentally give the lady standing at the front a full-on breast-grope, and by full-on I mean the whole honk-honk!, hand on flesh boobage. I have never been so relieved that the doors didn't re-open. As it was, all I could do was withdraw and shout "Sorry! Accident!" before running off.

Josh_Thompson: I asked this cute girl out who I met in college. When I came by her parents to pick her up, her mom came with us on the date. You know how bad things could be in that situation? It was worse.

-eDgAR-: I remember a substitute teacher that we had for a few days when I was in middle school. She was pretty overweight and one day she grabbed a chair from an empty desk to help someone out with their assignment, when suddenly we heard a loud crash. One of the legs on the chair had broken and she was flat on her back. It was hard not to laugh, but what made it even worse is as she was getting up, she ended up farting very loudly. The entire class erupted in a fit of laughter and she had to leave the classroom because she was so embarrassed.
What is the most awkward situation you've ever found yourself in?

There's Something About Mary - Getting Ready... by frostbyte05

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02/19/2014 9:57PM
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