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Awkward Ex Encoutners

A man had an affair with his wife but he broke up with the mistress. But she won’t go away. She keeps harassing the wife. She keeps being reminded that she is her husband’s ex.

Slacker ran into his ex wife a couple days after signing the divorce papers. But he ran into his ex at a valet parking while he was on a date with a new girl. His ex wife just so happened to live in the same building as the new woman. Talk about a huge coincidence. But he had no idea she lived there. To make it more awkward when he saw the ex with her new man, his ex brother in law ran up to him thinking he was there to catch the ex with a new man. It was a complete mess.

Steve said it is weird when two people break up and have to divvy up friends. It makes it weird because you have to have a conversation with them and ask if they are going to the friend’s wedding or something.

What is your awkward ex encounter?

I ran into my ex at the restaurant I worked at and literally walked right into the new girl. And did I mention he cheated on me with the new girl? Yeah, it was awful. I was upset. It was a fresh break up and I was a mess. And another one bites the dust.

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03/12/2014 4:17PM
Awkward Ex Encoutners
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03/12/2014 4:53PM
From: Ashley
Yi guys. So, I broke up with my ex-boyfriend a few years ago. Then, about a year later, I get a text from my new boyfriend saying: Him: I had an awesome day. I just ran into your ex. Me: And why is that awesome? Him: With my car.
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