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Tom Wagoner fell asleep aboard a United Airlines airplane and he awoke to a dark plane. He was confused as to what was going on because there was no one on the plane. Tom even missed his connecting flight because he was fast asleep. He ended up calling his girlfriend and she didn’t believe he was trapped. Low and behold he was telling the truth and the matter is now being investigated.

Slacker hates the whole process of traveling. He is baffled the man wasn't woken up by the cleaning crew or the flight attendants. He has worked for the airlines before and he has never been on an airplane by himself. "I can't get my brain around this. He was totally drunk.” Slacker falls asleep in Vegas all the time.

Steve agrees and hates the process and can't imagine what this guy was thinking. Steve wonders why the guy didn’t open the door on the plane and have the parachute slide pop out, but if the plane is off and everything shut down, does that still work? He fell asleep during a show like Cirque Du Soleil and the whole thing was loud and Steve was unconscious asleep.
I love to sleep. I fall asleep in cars, trains, buses, planes, pretty much any moving object. The weirdest place I ever fell asleep was on the Ferris wheel at an amusement park. Talk about a weird awakening. How did I even fall asleep? I don’t know. I was a kid. And I love my sleep.

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12/10/2013 4:21PM
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12/11/2013 2:38PM
Root Canal
I fell asleep during my root canal!
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