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It's time for another 'Anyone Listening Who'! This week, Slacker thinks more of you have been kicked out of church. Steve thinks more of you have a claim to fame. Lil D thinks at least one of you have lost your prosthetic limb at an awkward moment.
Woman Gets Kicked Out of Church
A woman who filmed at least two sexually explicit videos inside a Catholic church in Hoersching, Austria, was apprehended by police after one porn viewer recognized the church and a second recognized her breasts. One of the videos in question shows the woman—who performs under the name Babsi—"opening her top and caressing her breasts" while holding a Bible and a rosary, without ever showing her face, the Austrian Times reports. A churchgoer who saw the video recognized the interior of the building, then notified a priest, and after a clip was played on local news, a second viewer—apparently a big fan—identified Babsi's boobs and notified the authorities. Babsi, 24, was arrested for offending religious feeling and desecration of a church, and confessed. Local Catholics debated whether the church needed to be reconsecrated, the Times reports, but ultimately decided not to, "as the woman's sins had not been enough to drive out God."
Guinness Record for Stretched Earlobes
A man in Hawaii has set the world record of having the biggest stretched ear lobes. Guinness World Record holder Kala Kaiwi, whose lobes are over four inches in diameter, claims to fit his fist through them, the Daily Star reported. Kaiwi, who works as a tattoo artist and runs the Sin City Body Modification and Tattoo shop in Hilo, Hawaii, has claimed the Guinness World Record for the largest non-surgically made stretch earlobes and also has his tongue split like a snake, which he reportedly did himself using dental floss. The man also has silicone horns implanted into his head, which are matched by flesh tunnels in his nostrils, lower lip and bolt holes on his forehead with spikes screwed in, in addition to tattooed eyebrows and a tattooed eyeball.
Pilot Looses an Arm
A pilot flying a Flybe plane with 47 passengers aboard learned an important lesson on a flight to Northern Ireland: always make sure your arm is attached before landing. An unnamed 46-year-old pilot was landing a Dash 8 plane at Belfast City Airport in gusty weather conditions when his lower left arm prosethetic became detached from its yoke clamp and he lost control, according to recent report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch. The senior captain who was described in the report as one of Flybe's "most experienced and trusted pilots" was manually flying the plane when a flare maneuver caused his arm to detach, the BBC reports. There wasn't enough time, he determined, to have the co-pilot take control. Instead the captain used his right hand to grab the yoke and safely land the aircraft – albeit with a bounce after touchdown.
Slacker says that when he was younger his buddy was asked to leave his church due to smoking pot! He says how awkward would it have been for the guy to confess that he was watching the adult video to catch the girl that filmed the video. Slacker says you can throw a coffee saucer through the guys stretched earlobes!
Steve says that his claim to fame was that on the first season ever of shark week that the shark week crew came by his radio station he was working on and filmed him and his partners talking about sharks! He says it was more of an almost claim to fame because they didn’t use any of it.
Whose side are you on?
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08/15/2014 4:17PM
Anyone Listening Who
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