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Time for another anyone listening who! This week, Slacker thinks more of you have been involved in a brawl over a board game. Steve thinks more of you have gotten into an altercation with a celebrity. Lil D thinks one of you will be willing to take a pregnancy test to find out if you’re pregnant on the air.

Slacker says there is not going to be one single girl that’s going to call and take a pregnancy test. Slacker says he recalls when Russell Crow threw Girl Scout Cookies up into the air and had a public freak out. Slacker recalls when Brandon Marshal tried to steal his sunglasses and wouldn’t give them back. He thinks his own topic is going to win because every person gets heated over a game. He has been punched in the face because of the game Uno. He holds onto his draw 4 cards until someone has one card left. That’s dirty.

Steve wonders how long it takes for a pregnancy test, and it varies. He has faith Lil D’s topic is going to happen.
He thinks his own topic is going to win because it can be either physical or verbal.

Lil D thoroughly believes a woman is out that is late and has a pregnancy test ready to go. He wants the woman to call in and everyone find out together if she is or isn’t. He got into an altercation with a running back because he cut Lil D in line.

Who do you agree with?

I think Slacker is going to win because every single human being in America has gotten frustrated or freaked out during a board game. At least I have. Does that make me a psycho? I guess we’ll find out…

 Intern Nikki

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08/01/2014 4:21PM
Anyone Listening Who
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