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Anyone Listening Who


Time for another 'Anyone Listening Who'!!! This week, Slacker thinks more of you have a Flipped Off Folly story. Steve thinks more of your moms have hooked up with your baby daddy. Lil D thinks more of you have been drunk in an inappropriate place.

Slacker says now he has confidence in Lil D’s topic because everyone has done this and he might win this week. There is a story in the news where an 80 year old man got mad that someone flipped him off and he shot the tires off the car. He was at a water park when he saw a mom flip her kids off behind their back. It was hysterical.

Steve says when he lived in Detroit he knew a couple that had to move in to the girl’s mom’s house to save money because she was pregnant. The guy ended up hooking up with his baby mama’s mom!

Lil D thinks a lot of people have been drunk in a weird place. He was seeing a girl and he got hammered and they ran into the girl’s parents. So they ended up going back to her parents’ house and while he was in a conversation with her parents he was on the verge of puking.

Whose side are you on?

Intern Nikki

(Photo courtesy Flickr.com)

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07/25/2014 4:17PM
Anyone Listening Who
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