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Another week means another ‘Anyone Listening Who’! This week, Slacker thinks more of you have had your mother try to step in and fight a battle for you. Steve thinks more of you have had a gun pulled on you or pulled a gun on someone else. Lil D thinks more of you have fallen asleep behind the wheel and hit something.

Slacker is excited because he says he is on a winning streak although he only one round and that was last week. Slacker gives Lil D a hard time for his topic because he doesn’t even have a real story. He was actually held up at gun point at a convenient store. A man was robbing it and he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He thinks mothers are somewhat too protective and there’s a story in the news where an employee was fired. His mom went in and tried to get her son’s job back. When he was a manager at a CD store his employees had their moms call in all the time.

Steve thinks a lot of people have gotten a gun pulled on them or have pulled one on somebody. His nephew was at a house party but the dad came out and he went and grabbed a shot gun and cocked it. He used Slackers story for his in for his topic so Slacker made fun of him for that.

Lil D says a lot of people have fallen asleep and hit something. He almost did, but just missed it! He was falling asleep in a construction zone and he was two inches away from hitting concrete.

Who do you agree with?

I agree with Slacker because I had a mom message me on Facebook trying to fight me because her daughter was heartbroken that my now boyfriend broke up with her before dating me. So stupid, and so much lame drama. But it did happen. So I think Slacker might win this one!

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07/18/2014 4:20PM
Anyone Listening Who
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